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HostMyCalls provides best in class quality service and outstanding features at an amazingly affordable price. We have delivered Hosted PBX/Hosted VoIP service for 10 years. Many of our original customers are still on our service today, which is testimony to our quality and value. We are unique in our willingness to help you manage your Internet connection to ensure that it delivers the highest quality Voice over IP.  We also support the latest in superior audio reproduction with  HD Voice technology enabled Hosted PBX servers as well as a popular selection of high quality SIP telephones with HD Voice capability.

HostMyCalls service includes:

  • Truly Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calling
  • Mobile Phone Integration
  • Automated Attendant
  • Voicemail
  • Electronic Faxing
  • Virtually Unlimited Call Capacity
  • Work from Home
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Virtual Telephone Numbers from Most Anywhere in the United States
  • Disaster Recovery Call Routing

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Differences between Hosted PBX – Hosted VoIP and Traditional Telephone Systems

Hosted PBX services are also commonly called Hosted VoIP and Virtual PBXs. Hosted PBX Systems deliver advanced telephone system features as a service over the Internet. They are provided with equipment located in the premises of the provider instead of having bulky cabinets in a closet in your office. This means you do not need to purchase costly cabinets, cards and power supplies of a telephone system to take advantage of its rich features. In most cases, you will only need to purchase or lease the phones which are significantly less expensive.Telephone System Equipment Room

Hosted PBX services also eliminate expensive maintenance contracts and service calls along with the central equipment of a traditional telephone system.

Traditional telephone systems place limits on your business. Hosted PBX services remove them. Traditional telephone systems can only make and receive a finite number of calls based upon the number of telephone lines purchased each month. The same is true for faxes. Hosted VoIP services can process virtually unlimited simultaneous voice and fax calls since their calls are delivered by the Internet and not hard-wired telephone lines. Your important calls and faxes will not be blocked.

These are just a few of the many differences. For more information continue reading Top Reasons to Use a Hosted PBX Service Instead of a Traditional Telephone System.

Why HostMyCalls is the Best of the VoIP Providers

HostMyCalls includes all of the “key system” features that you use everyday and have been forgotten by many other Hosted PBX services. “Key system” features include Busy Lamp Field (the ability to see who is on the phone and who is not), Hands-Free voice announce and intercom, account codes, managerial silent monitoring of extensions and one touch call record.

HostMyCalls provides truly unlimited local and long distance calling within the contiguous 48 states. Many competing Hosted VoIP providers claim unlimited calling. However, some are only delivering unlimited calling within their limited network and charge per minute fees for everyone else.

At HostMyCalls, we understand that your satisfaction with any Hosted PBX service is heavily dependant on the quality of your calls. Your Internet connection is the most important factor in that regard and that is why we developed the #1 IP Packet Loss and Delay Test Tool for monitoring, examining and troubleshooting Internet connections. If your Internet connection is not ready for VoIP, we will help you. Help may include voice prioritization, guidance with your ISP, analyzing monitoring data and office inspections.

Saving Money and Operating Your Business More Efficiently

Hosted PBX services can deliver ample savings on telephone system related bills. However, these costs are insignificant when compared to the big ones. The big ones are overhead including office space and headcount.

Hosted PBX systems can provide virtual office support just about anywhere, making it possible to downsize or eliminate commercial office space and the associated high rent, utility bills, insurance and much more. Employees’ home office space can be networked together with other work locations. Seamless communication between staff produces a united work environment without the cost of brick and mortar.

Because Hosted VoIP services are provided over the Internet using VoIP, geographical distances have no impact on effective communication and call handling. Once dedicated to the support of a local office, redundant functions in your multiple facilities can be consolidated into a single entity supporting all offices. Redundant functions may include phone reception, customer service, inside sales personnel and office/facility management.

For a more complete review of how Hosted PBX – Hosted VoIP services can save money and operate your business more efficiently, please continue reading at 6 Ways Hosted PBX Services Can Save Your Business and it’s not What You Think and our most Frequently Asked Questions about Hosted VoIP.


If you are ready for your business to take advantage of 21st century communications at possibly less cost than you pay today, click here to contact one of our consultants or call 866-242-6161.

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